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3rd Upper Seconadry School "Miltos Kountouras"The 3rd Comprehensive Senior High School of Nea Philadelphia “Miltos Kountouras” has been named after the Athens suburb Nea Philadelphia, where it is located, as well as after the well-known Greek pedagogue Miltos Kountouras.


Our local area, Nea Philadelphia, is inhabited by about 25.000 people.

Town Hall of Nea FiladelfiaMonument in Nea Filadelfia

It owes its name to the ancient town ‘Philadelphia’ in Asia Minor where the first inhabitants of Nea Philadelphia came from as fugitives after the destruction of Smyrna (Izmir) in 1922.

Miltos KountourasMiltos Kountouras (1889-1940) fought for the liberalisation of education. His principles are reflected in the demand for free choice of school textbooks, respect to the teacher and the peculiarities of each school environment and each student and, above all, in the emphasis on the pedagogical role of school.

Our school was founded in 1984. Τhere are 44 classrooms, 6 laboratories, a centre for science, a centre for career orientation, a library, a gym, an amphitheatre and offices.
The basic objective of our school has always been the link of school to life through a multitude of extra-curricular activities and research educational programmes. Moreover, our school is a UNESCO partner school.



Among the School Action Programmes that have been carried out at our school are the following:

  1. Health Education
  2. Environmental Education
  3. Cultural Actions
  4. Student Mobility    
  5. Career Orientation  
  6. European projects in the framework of the actions  LINGUA – SOCRATES and COMENIUS
  7. Projects in the framework of the European programme E-TWINNING 
  8. Project for the equality of the sexes

We have received awards in multimedia & educational software concourses, in sport and music competitions, art contests, for the production of a film as well as for publications of students’ articles in papers and magazines.


Our awarded film in the framework of the project "Let's go to the cinema"

Also, responding to the growing interest of our young pupils for active participation in international projects, we are participating successfully in the etwinning, comenius and erasmus+ programme.

comenius1 maths
3rd Comenius Meeting in our school library in Sept. 2009
(The Voice of Teens project)
Successful participation of our pupils in bilateral cooperation in a eTwinning project
Award for the Comenius/eTweening project (Human Rights betweem Ideal and Reality, 2013)
A song (Lyrics and Music) by a pupil, presented during the 3rd Comenius meeting in Chieti/Italy
Project Human Rights betweem Ideal and Reality, 2012

7th 8th 9th
Some issues of our multilingual magazine "The Voice of Teens"

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